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Our atelier is located just 5 km away from Moscow. Here we design underwear and swimwear of all complexity levels.

Product development


Everything starts with an idea. Our designers closely monitor trends from around the world and are ready to offer the top options.

List of materials

More than 20 types of materials and components are needed to produce one bra. We work with suppliers from around the world and use the most innovative designs.


The most important stage of product development is pattern-making. Our pattern-makers have been trained by British experts. In our work we use Gerber CAD.

Samples production

Constantly dealing with new challenges guarantees the high professionalism of our experts. Every day our studio creates more than 20 samples of products using 15 types of equipment.


Fitting combines business with pleasure. This is our favorite stage because it demonstrates the results of our work.


Wide size range gives us the possibility to expand our clientbase. Our library of patterns contains a large number of models for different sizes up to 85F.


The correct layout optimizes the material consumption during the cutting stage. For fabric layouts we use the automated Gerber technology.


At this stage we convert our creative ideas into the mass production formulas. Correct Technology documentation provides us with the optimal way to create a high-quality product.

Mass production

Production facilities

We specialize in production of underwear and swimwear. We own production facilities in both Russia and Ukraine. In Ukraine the factory is situated in Lubni, 200 km outside Kiev and occupies 1700 m2.

Factory in Russia

In Russia our factory is located in Gagarin, 180 km outside Moscow and occupies 8000 m2. Among various types of advanced equipment there are automated cutting and spreading machines.

Contact information


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